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Class #: FJG070912
Dates: 07/09/12 to 07/13/12
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $595.00
1 Grad Credit Tuition: $690.00

Materials: $25.00  [ View Material List ]
Availability: Spaces Still Available
Instructor: John Gregor  | View Instructor's: Bio  | Other Classes

Original photo by John Gregor
  Original photo by John Gregor  
Class Description: 

Lingering twilight is what many photographers regard as the magical hour of light, and Madeline Island during July promises plenty of opportunities for magical light. But whether a beginner, amateur, or professional, what most photographers see is not always what they capture on camera, and certainly not what comes out in print.

This weeklong intensive, which includes shooting in various conditions of light, and exploring proper digital technique and workflow, is designed to help participants realize their photographic visions, from field to finished print.

Early morning and late-evening shoots will provide the subject matter for daily studio sessions in which the instructor will demonstrate post-processing techniques using Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. Discussions will include issues related to print resolution, color space, using ICC Print Profiles, paper/media selection, image sharpening for print output, and editorial post-processing manipulation.

Each participant will work on their own images and have the opportunity to make several 12”x18” fine art prints that evoke the photographer’s excitement and vision as first experienced in the field. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore HDR and Photomerge for the creation of panoramic prints.

Throughout the week, the instructor will combine field exercises and technical demonstrations with group critiques and one-on-one instruction, resulting in participants’ increased understanding and enjoyment of photography, the creative process, and the natural world.


University of Minnesota Duluth graduate credit option offered with this course

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