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Capturing the Arizona Landscape and the Beauty of the Cacti

Genre: Urban Sketching
Location: MISA West (Tucson)

Capturing the Arizona Landscape and the Beauty of the Cacti

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Instructor: Ian Fennelly

About This Workshop

Join Ian Fennelly at our MISA West Tucson location surrounded by ancient Saguaro Cacti and stunning views of the Rincon Mountains. Ian’s workshops are about looking carefully at a subject and taking time to notice things. They are broken down into 5 steps, and each step uses different materials.

Go deep into the process of observing and recording, and through this find happiness in noticing the small details. Layers of Looking are embedded in all we do as urban sketchers, so we will start off by seeing the initial composition of the subject in terms of big shapes and simple lines. Then we observe and record the next level of detail, noticing the cacti, the rocks and the sweeping hills that frame the background. Then we see the colours of the landscape and how they enable us to create space, how they interact with each other, and most importantly how they make us feel. This introduces the personal element, so we are now using our emotions as well as our observation. The next level is to notice the tones and shadows cast by the vibrant Arizona sun. This helps us to create depth and make our sketches more solid and realistic. We then begin to record the smaller stuff like plants, grasses and stones and the wonderful patterns and shapes they throw up. Finally we go even deeper and notice the varied textures on the surface of the cacti, and perhaps an old broken fence or vintage road sign. Things that you only see when you really stop and look.

Workshop Details

Dates:01/16/2023 to 01/20/2023
Level:All Levels
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Arrival Date: 01/16/2023

Departure Date: 01/20/2023

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