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Color and Composition

Genre: Mixed Media
Location: Madeline Island

Color and Composition

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Instructor: Jane Davies

About This Workshop

Color is a strong language, and the love of color is often the reason we begin an art practice in the first place. We choose colors for our homes, our clothes, our gardens, our food; it is a pervasive aspect of our visual experience, and we often have strong affinities with certain types of color.

This is an intermediate level workshop in which we will explore color as it contributes to abstract composition. You will discover new ways of using familiar colors and find new colors to expand your personal palette. Learn to strengthen your paintings with a deeper understanding hue, value, and saturation. Paint, scribble, collage, splatter, and fling your way to expressive heights in this fun and fast paced workshop. I recommend that you take “Beyond the Color Wheel”, a downloadable workshop, or something comparable, in preparation for this class.

Workshop Details

Dates:07/18/2022 to 07/22/2022
Level:Intermediate to Advanced
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Arrival Date: 07/18/2022

Departure Date: 07/22/2022

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