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Complex Pattern

Genre: Quilting
Location: MISA West (Santa Fe)

Complex Pattern

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Instructor: Maria Shell

About This Workshop

This workshop will begin with a visit to the International Museum of Folk Art. While there, we will collect patterns, textures, colors, shapes, and lines that we will then use to create our own pieced complex pattern. We will investigate the use of patterns across cultures, while also educating ourselves on how to create our own individualized pieced pattern work and incorporate that work into authentic quilt compositions. It is recommended, but not required, that students are familiar with the concepts outlined in Maria’s book Improv Patchwork—Dynamic Quilts Made with Line & Shape.

The workshop concludes with student led one on one consults with Maria. Each student will have the opportunity to get feedback on what matters most to them whether it be developing a studio practice or honing their construction skills. After the consults, there be a group sharing where all participants will have the opportunity to learn from each other’s work.

Workshop Details

Dates:03/06/2023 to 03/10/2023
Level:All Levels
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Arrival Date: 03/06/2023

Departure Date: 03/10/2023

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