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Expression Driven Landscape Painting in Watercolor

Genre: Studio Painting
Location: MISA West (Tucson)

Expression Driven Landscape Painting in Watercolor

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Instructor: Angela Fehr

About This Workshop

Landscape painting is both a response to the beauty the artist has experienced and an invitation for others to participate with us in seeing and connecting. This can free us to not just paint what we see, but express the emotions with which we engage with the scene, the memories they evoke and the ideas and imagination that have been sparked in response.

In this watercolor workshop, we’ll be exploring a variety of landscape subjects in a “loose & fluid” watercolor style, both in the studio and en plein air, with the goal of understanding and applying the keys that will unlock your individual style and honouring your creative voice and allowing it to speak more confidently. If you’ve been frustrated by feeling locked into copying what you see without allowing your self-expression freedom in your landscape painting, this course is for you, offering strategies to help free you from the tyranny of detail
and realism to a more expressive approach to landscape painting.

Outline of Topics:
● Preparing to paint: Connecting the visible with the invisible – understanding both the structure of the scene and the response it creates in the artist through intuitive, playful strategies of development.
● Understanding the framework of a painting: Training your eye to see value, pattern, shape and color as the team that makes up a powerful painting.
● Unlocking creativity: Exercises to help you dig beyond what your photo tells you and bring your painting to life.
● Blocks & breakthroughs: strategies you can use to help your obstacles and creative blocks to propel you to growth and breakthroughs.
● Learning the value of the unexpected and working in a series for growth and self-expression.

Your Assignment:
The very best way to prepare for this workshop is to paint a lot. Time spent in the weeks prior to the workshop exercising your brush and putting paint to paper will “prime the pump,” preparing your mind with questions to ask and concepts to feed your thirst for knowledge.

Who is this workshop for?
This is not a beginner watercolor workshop. Painters who have familiarity with watercolor techniques and are looking to become more confident in self-expression will get the most out of this workshop. I believe that what we are ready to learn reveals itself, so students at different stages of artistic growth will all find information relevant to their journey to encourage them and help them to grow.

Workshop Details

Dates:01/09/2023 to 01/13/2023
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Departure Date: 01/13/2023

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