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Genealogy & Family Stories: Build Your Tree & Create a Legacy

Genre: Writing
Location: Madeline Island

Genealogy & Family Stories: Build Your Tree & Create a Legacy

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About This Workshop

Build your family tree and capture your family stories, creating a vibrant and growing legacy for generations to come. Genealogist expert Amie Bowser Tennant and writing instructor Brenda Hudson will guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you learn how to accurately research your family and have fun writing stories that enrich your family tree. 

In this workshop, Amie will show you how to populate and expand your family tree using the latest genealogy techniques that will also help you find missing information and overcome family research roadblocks. With Brenda, you will learn easy ways to weave historical and personal information into compelling stories (several paragraphs or pages each) about yourself and your ancestors to create a collection that complements your family tree. You’ll also find healing and insight as Amie and Brenda help you navigate family surprises, hardships, and secrets, as well as love stories, celebrations, and triumphs. 

You’ll leave with a robust family tree and a collection of short family stories that you’ll be proud to share and that your family of current and future generations will enjoy reading. Beyond the workshop, you’ll be able to continue growing your family tree and story collection using the techniques learned, as well as sharing those techniques with family members for multiple voices and perspectives. Brenda will provide a free copy of her book, Story by Story: 15 Projects To Write Your Family Legacy to all workshop participants! 

In this workshop, you will:

  • Populate and expand your family tree*
  • Learn expert tips to accurately conduct family research using multiple sources including digital and lesser-known alternative sources 
  • Practice search techniques with hands-on expert genealogy help
  • Find missing information and overcome family research roadblocks
  • Understand DNA testing and ethics and what it could mean for your family tree
  • Learn how to write about you, your current family, your ancestors, and future generations in easy and fun ways, to add life to your family tree
  • Create a collection of short family history stories with hands-on writing help
  • Explore different ways to organize and share your family research and stories (e.g., self-publishing, social media)
  • Leave with story templates to expand your current collection through participation of additional family members and future generations 

*Note: At the end of this workshop, your family tree may extend beyond two generations or, potentially in cases of recent family immigration to the United States, fewer than two generations depending on digital availability of county-of-origin’s records. If this is a concern, we are happy to answer your questions. Regardless, at this workshop you will learn expert tips on how to find records and take your family tree to the next level.

At the end of this workshop you will leave with:

  • Family tree* that incorporates photos, documents, and social history 
  • Skills to conduct further, accurate family history research
  • Ability to address future roadblocks
  • Collection of short family history stories about you, your current family, your ancestors, and future generations
  • Knowledge of how to easily share your family history and stories through self-publishing, social media, and oral traditions
  • Story templates for you and future generations to continue building your family’s written legacy

Workshop Details

Dates:08/15/2022 to 08/19/2022
Level:All Levels
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Arrival Date: 08/15/2022

Departure Date: 08/19/2022

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