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Sewing In Place

Genre: Quilting
Location: Madeline Island

Sewing In Place

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Instructor: This Course has 2 Instructors
Heidi Parkes
Zak Foster

About This Workshop

How do we capture the experience of a place in our hand-sewn work? Heidi Parkes and Zak Foster love to make quilts when they travel. Watch the Sewing In Place trailer to learn more! Travel creates an impactful memory of the experience, and gives them something-to-do during the inevitable downtime during a trip. In this innovative workshop, you will get to make a travel quilt alongside these two good friends at MISA, and you’ll learn their nimble approach to travel quilting, responding to your surroundings and working with limited supplies.

Part of the joy of making a travel quilt is that one’s circumstances create a lot of limiting factors, so decision fatigue is kept to a minimum! Students will learn about the history of MISA through its people and geography on a structured field trip, and students will explore the island solo since portability is an added advantage with this approach to making. As a sewing machine won’t fit in your tote, this savvy quilting duo will teach you many fast and effective ways to piece and embroider by hand efficiently.

Workshop Details
Students will be welcomed before the trip with an introductory PDF file containing some videos on their favorite techniques: knots, applique, thimble use, etc. Students will then test out those skills by adorning a travel tote bag with applique that represents their “Homeplace.” Items needed for tote can be found in the downloadable materials list. 

Throughout the week, students will add to their base fabric by sewing in the studio, on the MISA campus, or plein air while out exploring Madeline Island. Students will head home with a quilt top that they can display as-is, or they can quilt it by hand or machine at their leisure.

Workshop Schedule:

9:30am-12pm: Welcome, and trunk show introductions from Zak and Heidi, with a focus on how to begin a travel quilt.
12pm-1pm: Lunch
1:30pm-4pm: Visit the Historic Madeline Island Museum
6pm-7pm: dinner at MISA
Tuesday – Thursday
9-10:30: Optional studio time with Zak in studio
10:30-12: Heidi & Zak share insights and new techniques
12pm-1pm: Lunch
1pm-6pm: Time to explore & sew (We’ll provide a zine with suggested activities)
6pm-7pm: dinner at MISA
7pm-8:30pm: Optional time with Heidi the in studio
9:30am-12pm: Quilt-top finishing
12pm-1pm: Lunch
1pm: Participant expo

Workshop Details

Dates:06/13/2022 to 06/17/2022
Level:All Levels
Materials List: Download




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Arrival Date: 06/13/2022

Departure Date: 06/17/2022

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