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The Physical Stuff Of Your Life: A Generative Writing Workshop

Genre: Writing
Location: Madeline Island

The Physical Stuff Of Your Life: A Generative Writing Workshop

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Instructor: Pam Houston

About This Workshop

In this workshop we will use the writing you bring with you, whether it be a few paragraphs of barely formed ideas or (up to) a 3000 word sampling of a project you already have underway, as a jumping off point to lessons of craft, exercises designed to carry you back in to the work in hopes of deepening it, or moving on from that idea to something that was waiting for you underneath. 

We will read some published work together as well (assigned in advance, available for free online) and talk about what makes it successful. Finally we will avail ourselves of beautiful Madeline Island on the shores of Lake Superior  with activities like hiking, biking and canoeing to get us into our bodies, into the world and maybe even a tiny but out of our comfort zone, which always, always improves the writing. 

All afternoon activities on Madeline Island will be optional for students.

Workshop Details

Dates:10/03/2022 to 10/07/2022
Level:All Levels
Materials List: Download




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Arrival Date: 10/03/2022

Departure Date: 10/07/2022

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