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Dancing With The Wall: Encore!

Genre: Quilting
Location: Madeline Island

Dancing With The Wall: Encore!

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Instructor: Irene Roderick

About This Workshop

Improvisational Quilting Irene-Style!

Let go of your inhibitions! Tap into your creativity!

Take your improv quilting to a new level in this 5-day workshop. Focus will be on creativity and design, color, sustaining a studio practice and finding your own voice.

Come spend five days with Irene and learn how to let your sub-conscience and creativity drive you to make a unique expression of your individual aesthetic and process. Relax, play, let it happen and see what comes out. Irene will direct you through her method of creating a quilt that she considers the act of “Dancing With The Wall.” She will give tools, tips, instructions and a lot of hands-on individual attention, and group critiques to assist you along the way. We will talk about what makes good design, how to use color, the benefits of working in a series and strategies for sustaining a creative practice. Expect to have a fun, challenging and rewarding experience.

Improvisational quilting means letting go of all expectations and preconceptions of what you are going to make. Let your sub-conscience and creativity drive your process to a unique expression of your aesthetic and process. Relax, play, let it happen and see what comes out. You may love it. You may hate it (at first, but put it away for a week or two and then revisit it. You will like it much more) – but have fun and enjoy the process. This method/process will work for any medium, ie painting, collage, printmaking. Improv is NOT easy. The process requires letting go of control but at the same time, remaining constantly thoughtful. You have to keep reminding yourself to get out of your own way and let IT happen. Even if you are very accustomed to improv creating, the process is exhausting…but also very rewarding. It is a process of discovery and invention.

Workshop Details

Dates:06/24/2024 to 06/28/2024
Level:All Levels
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Arrival Date: 06/24/2024

Departure Date: 06/28/2024

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