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Meet Your Mountain

Genre: Quilting
Location: Madeline Island

Meet Your Mountain

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Instructor: Violet Craft

About This Workshop

Foundation Paper Piecing is used to achieve precision points and designs not easily achieved through traditional piecing techniques. Well crafted Foundation Paper Piecing patterns provide a structured experience to create exacting replications of complex original quilts. By deconstructing the existing pattern “Elevated Abstractions:Mt. Hood” we will create unique works using the pattern as a beginning and finishing guide. 

– Foundation Paper Piecing Skills and Design

Starting with the fundamental foundations (every pun intended) we will delve into all aspects of FPP from tools to paper to thread. With over twenty years of expericnce I have tried every trick, every paper, every thread and I have strong opinions. My strongest opinion is no one else’s opinion matters for you but your own and I love helping you find your own opinions! I will show you the process I used to create my original patterns and take us to deeper levels of understanding foundation paper piecing pattern development. 

– Meet Your Mountain

Who is your mountain? Who are you, visiting your mountain? Thus far I have met every animal in my work. Most of the animals I have spent a little time with and with each, there was an essence, a personality, a feeling I was trying to achieve through their likeness in my work. I have also met the mountains and creating their essence was just as important for me. So, who is your mountain? Your answers begin to provide the information to construct a time of day, a color palette and scenic print choices. Are there animals on your mountain? What color are the trees? Is it snowy on top? All over? Collect a variety of fabrics and prints to explore. 

– Deconstructing FPP

With a solid knowledge of how the original pattern was designed and constructed, each student will explore their own ideas in altering and deconstructing the pattern. From simply changing color and shade to completely altering shape and layout, the options to deconstruct and reconstruct are endless. We will methodically work through the process each at your own comfort level and pace. Some will opt for quilts that look very similar to the original while others will take the deconstruction process further.

* There is a required $40 kit fee payable to Violet during the workshop week.

Workshop Details

Dates:06/10/2024 to 06/14/2024
Level:Intermediate to Advanced
Materials List: Download




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Arrival Date: 06/10/2024

Departure Date: 06/14/2024

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