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The Art of Landscape Storytelling

Genre: Photography
Location: Madeline Island

The Art of Landscape Storytelling

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Instructor: This Course has 2 Instructors
Lou Nettelhorst
Todd Nettelhorst

About This Workshop

From the grand to the most intimate, learn how to create compelling, emotionally evocative stories of breathtaking landscapes! 

In this five-day immersive photography workshop, you will learn how to create images through proven techniques for creatively telling stories using photography tips, concepts and the building blocks of visual design from two master photography teachers. 

From harbor towns and lighthouses to sandy beaches, lagoons, sea caves and old-growth forests, the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior offer endless photographic opportunities. Join Todd & Lou in learning how to capture these incredible natural landscapes by gaining the knowledge for creating more impactful and intimate imagery. Using the light during sunrise and sunset, they will not only share their tips for every shot, but other photographic concepts to consider as you compose and design your images. 

Your workshop experience will include classroom lessons, multiple daily field sessions with gentle and honest image feedback and a ferry ride to the town of Bayfield as well as a boat cruise to visit the sea caves at Devil’s Island. 

What you will learn:

  • Intimate Storytelling
  • Compositional Concepts and Shooting Tips
  • Practical Photographic Applications
  • Building Blocks of Visual Design
  • Create Workflow & General Post-Processing

Don’t miss this unique opportunity at an amazing location to immerse yourself into an incredible photography workshop with two passionate teachers that are sure to help you elevate your art and further you along your photographic journey. 

Workshop Details

Dates:08/21/2023 to 08/25/2023
Level:All Levels
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Arrival Date: 08/21/2023

Departure Date: 08/25/2023

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