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CRAFTING THE TRUE STORY: An Exploration Of Creative Nonfiction

Genre: Writing
Location: MISA West (Tucson)

CRAFTING THE TRUE STORY: An Exploration Of Creative Nonfiction

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Instructor: Jacqui Banaszynski

About This Workshop

Bring real life to the page with techniques that can make words dance, sentences sparkle, and stories soar with acclaimed journalist and story coach Jacqui Banaszysnki at our MISA West Tanque Verde Ranch Location.

Students will explore techniques that weave literary creativity into true stories. Whether you are a news journalist, book author, travel writer, or gathering your family’s story, you will find the week both practical and inspirational.

Students will gain the tools that all good writers master to transform a notion or assignment into a viable story idea, and then shape that idea into a compelling piece. The week will include a mix of fieldwork and in-class exercises to practice various techniques. Jacqui will help students diagnose their unique writing patterns, and meet with them for optional one-on-one coaching to brainstorm approaches to their individual writing challenges and aspirations. 

“Writing is not magic. But done with equal measures of discipline and passion, it can be magical.”

– Jacqui Banaszynski

Workshop Details

Dates:01/08/2024 to 01/12/2024
Level:All Levels
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Arrival Date: 01/08/2024

Departure Date: 01/12/2024

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