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Betty Busby

Genre: Fiber Arts

Betty Busby

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design with a ceramics major, Betty Busby founded a custom ceramic tile manufacturing firm in Los Angeles. After nearly 20 years of running the firm, she sold the business in 1994 (it is still in operation to this day). Upon relocating to New Mexico, she changed the focus of her artwork to fiber, taking it full time in 2004.

Her manufacturing background has lead to constant experimentation with new materials and techniques that fuel her work. Originally inspired by Amish quilts at the Kutztown County Fair near her childhood home in Pennsylvania, her work has made the journey from bed quilts to mixed media sculpture, and is constantly evolving and heading in new directions.

The classic fractal structures of the sub microscopic world are a persistent model, as are natural processes, such as oxidation, replication and growth.

Scheduled Workshops

    • Multi Media Fiber

    • Fiber Arts

    • Betty Busby

    • Madeline Island

    • Start Date: 09/09/2024

      End Date: 09/13/2024

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