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Daniel Marshall

Genre: Plein Air Painting

Daniel Marshall

Born in New Jersey in 1971, reared in Ohio and finishing his education in Connecticut at the Propersi Institute of Art, Dan is used to adapting to different environs. Dan is an avid Plein Air painter, producing the majority of his work on site, adapting to the varied scenery he’s encountered in his travels. Painting plein air has helped him develop a confident style with an immediacy and freshness infused into each painting. Over 25 years of drawing daily for tattoo clients has sharpened his skills as a draftsman, painting daily for the last 10 years has elevated his techniques in watercolor. Dan is constantly studying and continuing to experiment and hone his personal style.

Dan demos and teaches regularly and has become a sought after instructor, known for his energy, passion and deep care for his students’ growth and progression as watercolor painters.

He has been featured and has published articles in various art publications including Watercolor Artist Magazine, PleinAir Magazine, American Watercolor Weekly, Outdoor Painter, Fine Art Connoisseur and was featured as an “Artist to Watch” in Southwest Art Magazine. He has been featured on Eric Rhoads’ PleinAir Podcast and has been a demonstrator at the PleinAir Convention & Expo in San Diego, Santa Fe and San Francisco.

Dan is a member of NYC’s storied Salmagundi Club and a signature member of the American Watercolor Society and Laguna Plein Air Painters Association.

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