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Denise Labadie

Genre: Quilting

Denise Labadie

Denise makes contemporary art quilt portraits of megalithic Celtic stones and monoliths (think
Stonehenge), and more recent (but still centuries-old) monastic ruins. These structures – stone circles,
standing stones, dolmens, burial tombs, abandoned churches, forgotten cemeteries, and lost-in-history
portals and passageways – embody both immense timelessness and physical presence while evoking
emotional remembrances of pasts largely forgotten.

Denise is a full-time art quilter and instructor, and has been a featured (solo) exhibiting artist and
instructor at (national) exhibitions and related venues in the US, France, Italy, China, South Korea,
Luxembourg, Germany, The Netherlands, and Spain. She is also a multiple Quilt National award winner –
both People’s Choice and the McCarthy Award for Craftsmanship.

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