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Jane Blundell

Genre: Urban Sketching

Jane Blundell

I am a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute, Australia’s oldest watercolour society, and an exhibiting member of the Royal Art Society of New South Wales, and a member of the Urban Sketching education committee. I am passionate about watercolour, colour, drawing and sketching.

My art inspiration and ideas come largely from the natural world – flowers, trees, rocks, people and landscapes – and I love to work from life. I keep a sketchbook on the go and travel with one at all times. I have many dozen in my collection with sketches of my travels. Some become the inspiration for larger studio paintings. I also enjoy the challenges of abstraction and incorporate abstracted backgrounds and features into many of my paintings.

My work covers a range of media – watercolours, pen and ink, collage, pastels, acrylic, oils and etching – often incorporating several into a single work. Of all of these my favourite is watercolour, which I have been exploring for over 40 years. It is a remarkable medium that allows the qualities of the pigments to become an integral part of the painting, rather than just to add colour. I am constantly searching for new ways to incorporate watercolours and watercolour techniques into my work, including work with watercolour and mixed media on canvas.

I love teaching, and in addition to my regular classes and online courses, I really enjoy teaching workshops, where we can concentrate on a range of techniques in an intense period of time.

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