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Jean Impey

Genre: Quilting

Jean Impey

Jean Impey is a commissioned textile artist, and national quilt teacher, who began her creative journey at nine years old. She studied painting with a Flemish artist, while her mom taught her how to sew garments.

In 2007, Jean discovered quilting and has completed thousands of quilts! Jean is passionate about quilting and teaching!  Her classes are designed to be fun, and stress free, ensuring that all quilters from beginners to advanced are successful! Jean’s work is featured in three episodes of Quilting Arts TV.  She has commissions in public and private spaces including 5 hospitals in California.

Scheduled Workshops

    • Fabulous Faces

    • Quilting

    • Jean Impey

    • Madeline Island

    • Start Date: 08/28/2023

      End Date: 09/01/2023

    • $950.00

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