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Louisa L. Smith

Genre: Quilting

Louisa L. Smith

Louisa was born in Indonesia, educated in the Netherlands and came to the U.S. in 1960. She discovered quilting in the late 70’s. Although the quilting started off with a traditional approach, soon new and exciting designs took over and the traditional gave way to more innovative work. The incredible flexibility that fiber offers attracted her to “paint” with fabrics. Her own manipulated fabrics are always combined with colorful commercial fabrics. The most important element in her work: COLOR.

She is the author of four books, “Strips ‘n Curves’ published in 2001, the follow-up “A New Twist on Strips ‘n Curves” published in 2007. And “One Patch Plus” (2008) was a joint effort with daughter Lisa Harris, a graphic artist from Phoenix, AZ. And “Double Vision Quilts” published in 2017.

She lives with her husband Fred in Arizona and summers in Montana.

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