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Sean Parker

Genre: Photography

Sean Parker

Sean Parker is a professional photographer / time-lapse cinematographer based in Tucson, Arizona. He holds a strong passion for capturing the beauty in our universe so he specializes in all types of photography. But what he’s most passionate about and internationally renowned for is his landscape & astrophotography work. Sean’s been featured in many publications, commercials, and projects with companies such as: Smithsonian, Discovery, LG, Samsung, Annapurna Films, New York Times, Arizona Highways, and more! He’s always had an artistic side. Growing up he used to play music and take cell-phone photos of the places he visited, but It was only until 2011 when he found his niche for the art of photography.

Sean also has a very technical background. From 2005-2012, he was in the I.T field as a computer technician so understanding electronics and how they work made it easy for him to learn his first digital camera. Before leaving his desk-job in 2012, he would constantly strive to make a name for himself in the photography world and he’s currently pursuing his dream to become a travel photographer.

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