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Membership Rewards Program

Continue your creative journey with us as a loyal MISA+ member.
Sign up for MISA+ Annual Membership and be rewarded with great perks.



White Glove Experience

Outstanding hospitality from our dedicated MISA staff


24/7 Studio Access

Hone your craft wtih peace of mind in a relaxed and secure campus environment

MISA+ Lanyard

Be recognized as an alumni on your name badge

Evening Access to Bottomless
Chocolate Chip Cookie Jar

Only on the Madeline Island Campus

A Chance to WIN an All-Inclusive Workshop
at the MISA Campus of your choice

Automatic entry into our exclusive MISA end-of-year raffle.

Zoom with Instructor and MISA+ Classmates

Share your progress 90-days after your workshop.  Video recording will be available.

MISA + Tote Bag

Receive a MISA+ tote bag at your 3rd workshop

Free Workshop

After attending 5 workshops the tuition for your 6th workshop is free!

10 Workshop Icon

Legacy Wall of Honor

After attending 10 workshops your name will be permantently displayed on the Madeline Island campus Legacy Wall.

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