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Found and Gathered

Genre: Mixed Media
Location: Madeline Island

Found and Gathered

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Instructor: Seth Apter

About This Workshop

Found and Gathered is a 5-day retreat that will enable you to immerse yourself in the creative process. The experience begins the moment you register as you source, find, and gather your own personal collection of papers, fibers, ephemera, and other bits and pieces that will become the basis of your creation. As the workshop begins and unfolds, we will gather together, both within the workshop space at MISA and at some secret sites close by. You will spend your time transforming your treasures into a series of what might loosely be called artist books. Some will be stitched and bound, some will be loose and some will simply be scraps floating in between. See the accompanying images to get a better sense of the project.

The instruction offered throughout, to the group as well as one-to-one, will cover the range of techniques used in mixed media: surface designing, using paints and inks, hand stitching, book binding, rusting, dyeing, embossing, mark making, gel printing, collaging, creative layering, and more. The workshop is designed to alternate between focused instructional demonstrations and uninterrupted art making – allowing you to learn new techniques, styles and approaches AND offering you precious time to get into the zone. This structure enables everybody the opportunity to work at their own comfortable pace in their own comfortable space. The group share at the end of the workshop is the perfect way to ease out of the magic of our time together back into our own outside worlds.

Workshop Details

Dates: 08/11/2025 to 08/15/2025
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $950.00
Materials List: Download




Tuition: $0

Lodging and Meal Options: $0

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Arrival Date: 08/11/2025

Departure Date: 08/15/2025

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