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Carol Nelson

Genre: Mixed Media

Carol Nelson

Carol Nelson is a Colorado contemporary mixed media painter and art instructor. A member of the International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA), and a signature member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP), she has been recognized with many competitive awards by national art magazines and organizations. She is one of 101 artists worldwide to be credentialed with the Golden Artist Educator program sponsored by Golden Artist Colors.

Her work has evolved over the years from representational to more abstract in style. Her abstract work is full of vibrant color and unusual textures. She often uses metals, metal foils, and metal leaf in her work. Her process involves applying layers of color and texture to create an intricate and complex statement.

Carol teaches workshops around the country where students are excited to learn such innovative techniques as rusted iron paint, foam plate painting, Tyvek, embossed foils, combusted origami foils, air dry clay and Plaster of Paris embellishments, and leftover collage “sandwiches.”

Carol’s work is featured in her two books, Geologic Abstracts, and 100 Portraits. She has an instructional video, “New Approaches to Mixed Media Materials,” available at

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