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Patti Mollica

Genre: Studio Painting

Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica has been a fine artist and professional illustrator for over 30 years. Her artwork is is known for its fearless us of color and uninhibited brushwork. She delights in painting the world around her in a bold, decisive style, with hues that are intense, brilliant and contemporary.

She is a Certified Teacher for Golden Paints and conducts workshops throughout the U.S., covering topics such as “How to Paint Fast, Loose and Bold”, and “Modern Acrylic Techniques”.

Patti’s original paintings are represented in several galleries and her published prints and posters can be seen in retail chains worldwide. She is the author of “Modern Acrylics”, “Color Theory”, and “ Getting Started in Acrylics”, as well as 3 instructional painting videos, available at

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