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Violet Craft

Genre: Quilting

Violet Craft

Violet Craft is an artist known for her work in modern quilting and textile arts. Renowned for her Abstractions line of intricate and vibrant animal and landscape quilt patterns, Violet has established herself as a prominent figure in the contemporary quilting community. With a background in software engineering combined with a passion for hand craftsmanship, she merges quilting techniques with a bold, modern aesthetic, creating visually stunning and innovative patterns that inspire countless quilters worldwide.

Violet was born in the Old West where she pursued her education in business, finance and software engineering. Her career in software brought her to the Pacific Northwest where she met her husband, feathered her nest and stitched it all together. Drawn to art, craft and make-ing, the birth of their first child combined with the implosion of her then employer Enron compelled her to ditch her corporate career and seek out her passion.

Violet created the Abstractions Series of patterns from her own photography. She has met every animal in her works and finds her inspiration in their personalities and mannerisms. Violet’s illustration work all developed from her own life experiences in real places.

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