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Perspective Sketching Master Class

Genre: Urban Sketching
Location: Madeline Island

Perspective Sketching Master Class

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Instructor: Stephanie Bower

About This Workshop

Do you avoid or fear the “P” word…perspective?  Architectural Illustrator, teacher, author, and globe-trotting Urban Sketcher Stephanie Bower is finally offering a Master Class on Perspective, and it’s happening at MISA! Yes, you’ll finally learn how perspective works…what to look for, how to build a sketch starting with the “good bones”, even how to find that darn vanishing point! This is not abstract boxes on a table but real world perspective—what to do when you want to sketch a room, a street, a building, and more.

The workshop really is two workshops in one, as it starts with an introduction to the the basic concepts of both perspective and watercolor painting. Much like a college course, we’ll go through a powerpoint that shows how perspective works, as well as go through a series of basic watercolor exercises on color, consistency, technique, even painting trees and vegetation. Each day will build on the work from the previous day, increasing in challenge and complexity as the workshop progresses. You will work hard! Some work will be done in studio, but the goal is to take the sketching outside on location in and around Madeline Island. Media will be pencil, pen, and watercolor, and we’ll work both in studio and on location.

After this course, you’ll never fear or fake perspective again!


Workshop Details

Dates: 08/12/2024 to 08/16/2024
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $975.00
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Arrival Date: 08/12/2024

Departure Date: 08/16/2024

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