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Treasure Hunting: Designing with Freezer Paper

Genre: Quilting
Location: Madeline Island

Treasure Hunting: Designing with Freezer Paper

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Instructor: MJ Kinman

About This Workshop

Join MJ Kinman for “Treasure Hunting: Designing with Freezer Paper”, an immersive, hands-on adventure in design. MJ created this class specifically for quiltmakers who want to make a quilt in which every piece is a different size and shape but aren’t quite sure how to execute it.

The secret is freezer paper. MJ’s freezer paper piecing techniques are powerful tools that can transform your idea into reality. While MJ finds her inspiration in gemstones, your inspiration might be landscapes, florals, portraits, or abstract images. MJ’s techniques apply to them all.

MJ is quick to point out that this is not foundation paper piecing. There’s no sewing to paper or tearing paper out of the back of your quilt block when finished. Instead, MJ refers to her technique as traditional piecing using freezer paper as your templates. If you can sew together two pieces of fabric with a quarter- inch seam allowance, you can do this!

Using images of gemstones (which MJ will provide) — or any other image you want to use as your inspiration – MJ will work with you step-by-step to transform your design into a quilt. Here’s just a few of the skills you’ll master that week:
– Transform an image into a quilt design by charting the “through lines” in your image.
– Understand the visual clues and codes that will help you put your quilt together with confidence.
– Evaluate fabric’s impact on the “clarity” of your design.
– Create a color palette that makes your heart sing.
– Create focal points, visual movement, and “bling” in your quilts with value contrast.
– Make your quilts glow with saturation contrast.
– Create powerful transparencies by manipulating alignment, middle mixtures, and depth order.
– Build your color confidence by mastering the rules of color interaction.
– Master piecing techniques specific to freezer paper.

Additionally, MJ will also show you….
– How to use photo-editing apps to find inspiration for new work or a new series
– Fabric painting techniques
– Finishing techniques for your quilt (i.e., quilting designs & gallery facing)

And finally, throughout the week MJ will share tales of famous gems and the wild, eccentric people who owned them.

Make plans to join MJ for a week of design inspiration and create your own singularly beautiful work of faceted light!

Note: This class is also open to anyone who wants to work on one of my gem patterns ( i.e., Birthstone Series or Diamond Divas Series) during the week. The curriculum will inform those students’ work, as well.

Workshop Details

Dates:09/08/2025 to 09/12/2025
Level:All Levels
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Arrival Date: 09/08/2025

Departure Date: 09/12/2025

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