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Cacti In Terra Cotta Pots I

Genre: Quilting
Location: MISA West (Tucson)

Cacti In Terra Cotta Pots I

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Instructor: Sue Spargo

About This Workshop

Sue holds a special place in her heart for the American southwest.  The arid horizons and seemingly desolate ranges, illuminated by the full splendor of the sun, uncommon shapes saturated with the purest of colors- it is a land of inspiration.  When closely observed, a special kind of life can be found thriving here, made special by resilience- or perhaps rarity.  Sue finds an invigorating inspiration here.
Unsurprisingly, the piece Sue has chosen for this class will incorporate much of the Arizona desert’s aesthetic while using some of Sue’s favorite materials; naturally dyed and eco printed natural fibers.  ‘Terracotta Pots’ is an opportunity to gain insight directly from Sue; learn many of her techniques while also challenging oneself to find inspiration and use it to fill the terracotta pots with desert life.
Some homework is required before class in order to optimize class time.  Required kit available from Sue Spargo, including naturally dyed wool fabrics for background and pots, eco printed wool and cotton layering fabrics; it will not include fabrics to fill the terracotta pots or threads for appliqué or embellishing.

Workshop Details

Dates: 02/03/2025 to 02/07/2025
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $1,350.00
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Tuition: $0

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Arrival Date: 02/03/2025

Departure Date: 02/07/2025

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