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Truffle Duffle

Genre: Quilting
Location: Madeline Island

Truffle Duffle

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Instructor: Sue Spargo

About This Workshop

Whether you love them or hate them, you must admit mushrooms are fascinating organisms. Since the dawn of mankind mushrooms deeply embedded their mycelium into our subconscious.  Whether it be folklore, medicine or cuisine, you’d be hard pressed to find a culture that doesn’t revere the humble mushroom.  The kingdom of Fungi is vast and varied. Shape, size, color- there are few rules when it comes to the mushroom.  Some mushroom spores are so small that they aren’t even visible by microscope- and the largest organism on planet earth is in fact a mushroom, its mycelium stretches over 2,200 acres in eastern Oregon.
Join Sue for a visual study in mushrooms.  Explore their varied shapes and textures through layered hand dyed wools, cotton fabrics and more.  Surprises that wander, lurk and shoot through forest floors will suddenly appear through stitchery.  Draw your inspiration directly from nature or use Sue’s quilt Truffle Duffle with its small square blocks that may be pieced, layered and/or embroidered with a variety of threads that differ in type and weight.

Workshop Details

Dates: 07/29/2024 to 08/02/2024
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $1,270.00
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Arrival Date: 07/29/2024

Departure Date: 08/02/2024

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