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The HeartWrite Retreat

Genre: Writing
Location: MISA West (Tucson)

The HeartWrite Retreat

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Instructor: John Roedel

About This Workshop

In a world saturated with polished images and meticulously curated social media feeds, the essence of our true selves often gets buried. We’re taught to mask the messiness of life, to smooth out the edges of our stories until they fit neatly into the expectations of others. But isn’t life inherently messy, wonderfully chaotic, and brimming with unforeseen adventures? It’s this unpredictable journey that makes our existence so profoundly beautiful.

The HeartWrite retreat is an opportunity to embrace the wildness of your narrative, to celebrate imperfections, and to write with unguarded honesty. Poet, writer, and comedian John Roedel guides you through this transformative experience with his signature blend of humor, heartfelt insights, and engaging activities.

John’s approach to writing is not about crafting a perfect narrative but offering a mirror to the soul, allowing others to see their reflections within your words. Through the art forms of writing and storyteller, this experience peels away the layers of pretense to reveal the raw, untold stories that reside within us all.

HeartWrite is more than just a writing retreat; it’s a journey of discovery and authenticity. Whether you’re a seasoned writer of any genre/form, a storyteller at heart, or simply someone longing to connect more deeply with your own story, this retreat offers a unique opportunity to write without fear of judgment.

  • Journaling Sessions Dive deep into the well of your memories, dreams, and reflections to uncover the stories that have shaped you.
  • Group Camaraderie Engage in meaningful discussions and shared storytelling experiences that foster a sense of community and mutual understanding.
  • Creative Exercises Challenge your creativity through prompts and activities designed to spark your imagination and bring your stories to life.
  • Physical Movement Incorporate movement to unlock new perspectives and connect with your story on a physical level.
  • Hands-on Activities Learn through doing, with exercises that encourage you to explore the sensory details of your narratives.

Don’t miss this opportunity to create and share your stories with a master story teller and like-minded community.

Workshop Details

Dates:01/13/2025 to 01/17/2025
Level:All Levels
Materials List: Download




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Lodging and Meal Options: $0

Total: $0 (plus tax) - Just $25% Minimum Deposit Required

Arrival Date: 01/13/2025

Departure Date: 01/17/2025

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