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Anna Maria Parry

Genre: Quilting

Anna Maria Parry

Born in 1972, Anna Maria was raised in a house full of her dad’s paintings and with a closet full of her mom’s handiwork. Anna Maria earned an honors BFA in Drawing from the University of Tennessee in 1995 before opening a small handmade clothing shop with her mom the same year. Designing and sewing a clothing label while managing a shop for five years primed her for a career in textiles and small business.  Eventually she transitioned to freelance product design and since her first fabric collection debuted in 2005. Since then her focus has intensified in the craft, sewing and quilting community where her creativity was first planted as a girl. Designing fabrics that become quilts and other sewn projects marries her love of art making and sewing. Hundreds of fabric designs later, she has authored two sewing books, one embroidery book, and self publishes a continuing collection of sewing, quilting and needlework patterns. She is also the found of Craft South (workshop and retail venture) and Conservatory Craft (collaborative fabric and craft products).

Traveling and sharing her creative point of view through lectures and workshops that focus on design, stitching and patchwork has become an increasingly important part of her work. Presenting her distinctively exuberant quilts and her self-taught process has taken her all over the world and keeps her passion for making alive. Anna Maria is the mother of seven children and all of her big and little ideas have been sparked in the presence of her family.  Anna Maria shares the imperfect adventures of art making, quilting, gardening, mothering, traveling and home renovating on her instagram account @annamariahorner

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