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Bernard Dellario

Genre: Plein Air Painting

Bernard Dellario

Bernard Dellario earned a bachelor’s degree from Kings College in Wilkes-Barre, PA with  emphasis on finance and art history. He studied Art at the Art League School in Alexandria,  Virginia and attended several workshops with nationally known artists. He has been a  member of the Washington Society of Landscape Painters since 2003. Fondly known as  WSLP, one of the oldest active artist organizations in the Washington area, Bernard  currently serves as President. He teaches painting classes through several venues, has won  national awards and exhibits throughout the Maryland Eastern Shore and Washington, DC  region.

Artist Statement: “From the beautiful to the discarded, I am inspired by many things as an artist. I rarely know what  will be the subject of my painting efforts, but once discovered, I strive to articulate my impression of  that reality into a collection of abstract shapes, strong design and color”

Scheduled Workshops

    • The Alla Prima Landscape: Balancing Abstraction and Representation

    • Plein Air Painting

    • Bernard Dellario

    • Madeline Island

    • Start Date: 08/25/2025

      End Date: 08/29/2025

    • $950.00

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