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Brave, Spontaneous Watercolor Landscapes

Genre: Plein Air Painting Studio Painting
Location: MISA East (Bar Harbor)

Brave, Spontaneous Watercolor Landscapes

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Instructor: Angela Fehr

About This Workshop

Workshop Content & Focus:
Paintings come alive when they show the artist’s emotion and passion for the scene they are depicting. Angela Fehr’s “heart-led” painting approach is designed to free the artist from the tyranny of the reference photo, guiding students in developing strategies to show more of their own personal story in their paintings.

In this 5-day watercolor workshop, we’ll focus primarily on landscapes as we explore the basic elements that comprise a landscape painting, followed by understanding and applying the keys that will unlock your individual style as you express your emotions, memories and impressions of the places you’ve been to and hold deep feelings for. Time will be spent painting en plein air at two or three sites around Bar Harbor, and then developing paintings based on the visual note-taking (Plein air sketching) back in the studio.

Outline of Topics:
Preparing to paint: Creating a good foundation to really get you acquainted with your subject

Understanding the framework of a painting: Training your eye to see value, pattern, shape and color as the team that make up a powerful painting.

Unlocking creativity: Exercises to help you dig beyond what your eye or your photo tells you and bring your painting to life.

Who is this workshop for?
This is not a beginner watercolor workshop. Painters who have familiarity with watercolor techniques and are looking to become more confident in self-expression will get the most out of this workshop.

I believe that what we are ready to learn reveals itself, so students at different stages of artistic growth will all find information relevant to their journey to encourage them and help them to grow.

Internationally known watercolor instructor Angela Fehr specializes in helping students learn watercolor techniques, while giving them permission to celebrate their own style and become their own favorite artists. That means pursuing authenticity and making peace with being incomplete — not perfect yet — while still striving to grow and learn and paint with joy and freedom.

Workshop Details

Dates: 09/30/2024 to 10/04/2024
Level: All Levels
Tuition: $995.00
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Arrival Date: 09/30/2024

Departure Date: 10/04/2024

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