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Improvisational Exercises: Part I At Tanque Verde Ranch

Genre: Quilting
Location: MISA West (Tucson)

Improvisational Exercises: Part I At Tanque Verde Ranch

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Instructor: Nancy Crow

About This Workshop

This brand new 5-day class has been specifically developed for students desirous of being far more experimental using machine-piecing techniques. Students will be expected to work spontaneously and intuitively with nontraditional quilt-making techniques as they explore design exercises that promote improvisational approaches to composition without benefit of “pre-planning” and “intellectualizing.”

New Design Exercises will be used as a basis for flexing muscle memory in developing a more fluid approach to cutting improvisationally all sorts of SHAPES and LINES. Emphasis will be placed on forming NEW CONFIGURATIONS that could be used as the MOTIF or SUBJECT MATTER of a figure/ground composition. Students will learn construction and engineering techniques. Color, and the values of color, from light to dark, will be emphasized in all exercises so a great selection of fabrics must be brought to this workshop. Students will be working in SOLID COLORS the entire 5-days so there is no need to bring any printed or marbled fabrics, only solids whether commercial or hand-dyed.

PLEASE concentrate on bringing 5 value ranges in neutrals and in other solid colors. You must have these 5 value ranges in all of the grays and all of the browns. Those values are: LIGHT, MEDIUM LIGHT, MEDIUM, MEDIUM DARK, DARK.

If students want to learn to work more effectively, more efficiently from “instincts” and “intuition” they must come with an open mind and no agendas, ready for growth and for risk-taking!


Optional but important: Each student should come prepared with a digital presentation/laptop or 3-6 actual quilts and be prepared to make a short (3-5 minutes maximum) but articulate presentation about their work including future goals. The Ranch  provides use of a digital projector connected to a laptop.

***Students are required to register for Part 1 and Part II

Workshop Details

Dates: 01/06/2025 to 01/10/2025
Level: Intermediate to Advanced- Prerequisite: Good machine-sewing skills. Sewing machine used.
Tuition: $1350.00
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Arrival Date: 01/06/2025

Departure Date: 01/10/2025

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